Church of the Sakro Patriarchate Tao Kristika Universal

Moved S.O.S. of Interoceanic Rescue

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The church has several stations and a live YouTube channel as a Taoist community television


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Know our lifestyle and learn how to live in a more natural and more healthy way.


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Patriarchal Sakro Church Tao Kristika Universal

Inter-oceanic Rescue S.O.S. Moved


The main objective of the Tao Church is the spiritual and theological formation of each Taoist to learn about his creator, his origin and the laws that govern him.

What is The Tao

October 29, 2018: Pellentesque Ipsum Id Orci Dapibus.

Taoists Temples


One of the Temples is the Vegetal Sakroakuarius which means: sacred waters. It was established as a Taoist Temple at the beginning of 1993. It is located in the Bogotacito farm, in the village of El Taladro in the municipality of Gámbita in the department of Santander, in the Republic of Colombia.

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Music comes from the Higher Worlds. Music has the power to awaken consciousness in the higher worlds. . 

Human Ecology

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Martial Arts TAO

Its objective is to teach, encourage and promote the Tao Martial Arts and physical activity so that its members have a good condition and an acceptable state of health.


To maintain a good state of health, it is enough to eat well and do some exercise.


The daily practice of physical activity at any age produces well-being, improving physical, mental and emotional state. 


“Nutrition is not in what you eat but in what you assimilate”.


Escuela de Sabiduria TAO

The Tao school of wisdom aims to unify science and religion in a doctrinal body based on the teachings brought by the venerable masters.



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